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Please note that we are not intending any of our stocked products to be used as an alternative to prescribed medicines.

The product we sell are for the purposes of making your Cancer Journey as comfortable as possible, and will hopefully compliment your treatment.

Information about each product has been supplied from our manufacturers, with no changes made to goods once received.

Please read all directions of use and ingredients carefully.

Please consult a doctor before using any products you are unsure about.

Always consult a professional before ingesting essential oils.

When using a skin care product for the first time, please do a test patch first, if irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately.

During the cancer/radiation journey a patient’s skin can become extremely sensitive and react to products it may previously had not. We have selected natural and gentle product with this in mind - however, please always exercise caution.

Our products are not intended as therapeutic goods, nor do they intend to be used medicinally.