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Meet Our Suppliers

At LOF YOU we work hard to bring you bespoke products for your C train journey.

We work with businesses and manufacturers who share our love for the earth, have a mission behind them, or are giving back to the community.

We aim to bring you the most eco-friendly packaging and products. We try are hardest to eliminate all nasties from our selected products, using minimal ingredients which will compliment in a holistic way along side your active chemical treatment. 

Whilst spending so much time at home, I quickly realised what products I was using on a daily basis, the amount of rubbish and plastic used on packaging, and the chemicals I was using on my body...I wanted to make a change to my daily routine and the routine of others...and so LOF YOU was born, minimal ingredients, as earth friendly as possible, work with companies who have a mission, and more importantly cost effective options for when the C bomb blows up your life, or the life of a loved one. 

We have chosen our suppliers for their beautiful products and products we use around the house and during treatments. 

We're sure you'll love them too!

Australian Tea Masters 


CW Escentials

De Uria

Holm Made

Import Ants


Oasis Black

Rustic Peppermint


The Elephant Emporium