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Our Story



When spending time at home, or the hospital, we want you to feel special and like you, no matter how you’re feeling! We want you to make the most of your relaxing time!

LOF YOU are bringing you beautiful natural products to help enhance your holistic care side of your Cancer Train Journey!


We are an Australian business based on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.

Our aim is to be blunt and honest about the cancer process, cut through the fluffy stuff acknowledge the shit show cancer is!

Although everyone’s journey is different, we want them to feel special while spending so much time at home. Care packages that shouldn’t cost a bomb or damage the earth! We will be there for our customers, and their support crews, when the C Bomb blows up their lives.

Owner & founder Clare dreamt up this concept of Cancer Care Packages with a difference, as she found resources were limited and/or too expensive during her journey fighting Inflammatory Breast Cancer since September 2018.

It’s rare that you’ll find Clare in trackies lounging on the couch...this just isn’t her! So Clare figured why would she do it during her journey, instead Clare has worked through it to create what she hopes will help others!



LOF YOU aims to provide up lifting products to our customers, products that have a mission and/or are earth friendly!

Here at LOF YOU we are super excited to bring you products to help along your C Train Journey!

We would love to hear from you and your stories, share them around and build a community! 

LOF YOU are also dedicated to providing care packages to those in need, those who have been recently diagnosed and may not have access to beautiful products, we want to help put a smile on their faces....and so The Smile Project was born! 




I'm Clare, I'm the owner and founder of LOF YOU. 

2018 and 2019 have been filled with some major hurdles and life explosive moments that's for sure!

My husband and I kept very private about our journey to start with, but now is the time to share ours in the hopes of reaching out and helping others 💕

In April 2018 we lost our baby boy, half way through our pregnancy, to a rare kidney condition. The grief and reality was all consuming at the best of times, it’s been an unimaginably hard time as we process our loss.

We packed up and moved coastal straight away, surrounded by family and a close support network we worked to rebuild a now very different life.

Six months later I then kicked off my 30’s in a very different way than I imagined... 
In September 2018 I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer - our world was once again completely turned upside down! 

Something I've learnt, which is so important, is to be in-tune with your body! If something doesn’t feel right, if you don’t feel right, have a feeling something could be wrong, please make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you realise. Most of the time the medical things we worry about are nothing, but then other times things can catch you by surprise. 

I listened to my body and received medical attention as soon as I noticed my body wasn’t feeling normal. My dodgy boob blew up over the course of a day, from nowhere! I have no genetic links to Breast Cancer, let alone any form of Cancer. I am outside the "normal" category, the "normal" age group. It is rare, but I am proof that those freak occurrences do occur! This is why spreading the word is more important than ever, to educate our young women, to listen to their concerns, to investigate further. My aim is to change what the "normal" is. 

I survived through 23 weeks of active treatment: 4 rounds of fortnightly chemo followed by 12 weekly rounds of another chemo. I had a single mastectomy in March 2019 and was given the all still all feels like a surreal dream, those sweet sweet words “CANCER FREE”! I have just completed 25 rounds of radiation and am on the mend! I’ll continue with Herceptin treatments every 3 weeks until mid November 2019, where my treatment journey will end!

2018 and 2019 have been massive to say the least!!

I have been documenting my journey through my art, you can follow my journey via my Instagram @art_by_clare_elizabethau


Whilst spending so much time at home, I quickly realised what products I was using on a daily basis, the amount of rubbish and plastic used on packaging, and the chemicals I was using on my body...I wanted to make a change to my daily routine and the routine of others...and so LOF YOU was born - minimal ingredients and as earth friendly as possible! We work with companies who have a similar mission for saving the Earth and/or giving back to the community, use minimal ingredients, are primarily small Australian made and run businesses. Most importantly, I wanted to create cost effective options with beautiful products to be used whilst on the C Train Journey, into recovery and into the future!

I am a cancer warrior
I am a fighter
I kicked cancer's butt
I am so damn proud of my scars!!

To my fellow cancer warriors - stay strong, keep up the fight, never ever give up, be yourself, share your journey, cherish every moment!

Much love and a big thank you for reading my story!