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Scarf Subscriptions Available Now!

Scarf Subscription Box

The LOF YOU Scarf Subscription Box Is Here!



What Is It?

Each box you will receive a new scarf tailored to your preferred colours, ensuring you're always looking and feeling your best!
Our LOF YOU Scarf Subscription Box is the perfect way to keep your scarf collection growing, or to send to a loved one currently on the Cancer Train Journey!
Do you have a loved one currently on the C Train Journey? Knowing what to say or give is one of the hardest parts! A scarf subscription can be a constant reminder to your loved one of their support crew around them, a perfect way for a group to gift regularly and help their warrior feel me themselves during their journey! 

How It Works

- Subscribe -

1. Sign Up! 
2. Answer the prompt questions so we can choose the perfect scarves for you!
3. Choose how often you'd like to receive/gift a box - choose between monthly, bi-monthly or bi-annually subscriptions!
4. We will package and send your scarf with love right to your door step at the start of the monthly interval you choose! What you'll find inside is a treasure trove of information, tips and tricks, tutorials, sometimes a little extra gift and discounts.
5. Receive your scarf and feel fabulous!
6. If you love your LOF YOU Scarf Subscription Box, please help us spread the word, there's a little something in it for you and your referral ;)
Postage is included for your on-going subscription :) 
5% of every sale goes towards donating scarves to cancer centres in Australia